3D Collision Centers Join Area High Schools To Stop Distracted Driving

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WEST CHESTER: November 29th, 2017
As of September 2017, 3D Collision Centers officially launched its STOP
Distracted Driving Campaign at local area High Schools across Chester,
Delaware and Montgomery counties. By prominently placing an
drastically damaged vehicle and a clear message on school property, it is
our hope that these installations bring school and community-wide
discussions to the forefront about this very concerning subject.
Area Schools Act
The STOP Distracted Driving Campaign is off to a great start. Oxford
Area High School was the first to kick-off the program during the week
of Monday, September 11th. Lower Merion High School and TCHS
Brandywine have participated in the past two months and as of this
Monday, December 4th, the program will continue at Henderson High
School. There are also several more schools working on being part of
this most commendable movement.

The Buzz
This topic is of importance to the James A. Canaday, Oxford Area High
School Principal. “Our goal in partnering with the STOP Distracted
Driving Campaign was to plant a seed in the minds of our students that
distracted driving has real life consequences. Along with the wrecked
vehicle, during Homecoming Week, we ran daily announcements to
highlight the need to make good choices behind the wheel. I am
confident that our partnership with the campaign made an impact on
our students.”
Oxford Area High School Highway Safety teacher, Michael Pietlock
mentioned, “As a teacher, anytime that you can connect the lesson to
something tangible, it provides more impact. For me, to be talking
about distractions and being able to point out the window to the
damaged car, it gives the kids a real look at the consequences of their
Lower Merion High School Highway Safety Instructor, Michael Borsch
was happy to help coordinate the effort because this issue is one of
great concern and is a hot topic that is discussed at length, in his
classroom. During the installation week, Mr. Borsch reported hearing
students talk about the vehicle as they walked by saying, “Man that is
awful–I hope they were wearing a seatbelt.” or “ That’s why you don’t
text and drive!”
Mr. Borsch stated, “This topic is of extreme importance to Lower Merion
High School and we hope to continue with the program to help
showcase what can happen when driving while distracted.”
As part of a class assignment, Mr. Borsch asked his students to research
this subject and to learn more about the effects of distracted driving.
After reading the disturbing statistics on injuries and fatalities that can
occur, one student promised: “to keep myself from being distracted. I
can put my phone on do not disturb, listen to music, not eat at the
wheel, and have rules for my passengers.”
We are hopeful that this program will serve as a clear reminder to all
drivers to stop distracted driving behaviors such as texting, eating,
talking on the phone, grooming, and operating the radio or navigation
system or any other activity that might divert their eyes away from
concentrating on the road. Stopping these habits can dramatically
reduce the amount of fatalities and injuries that occur.

Many Thanks
3D Collision Centers has 7 locations within Chester, Delaware and
Montgomery counties and is committed to taking an active role in giving
back to our communities. We are devoted to making a difference for a
better tomorrow. We wish to thank all of the schools that have
participated and hope that there are many more who will consider
scheduling an installment.

For more information contact:
Sandy Royer, 3D Collision Centers Marketing Coordinator
Email: Sandy@3dbodyworks.com
Phone: 610-692-1810
Website: www.3dbodyworks.com


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