Shared Interest Groups

Shared Interest Groups

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)

What is It?  SIGs are comprised of members with similar interests who meet to discuss trends, issues, ideas and thoughts.

What is the Format?  Each particular group will select the format for time and frequency of meetings that best meets their needs.  The intent is to stage opportunities for the SIG members to learn, network and develop long-term, meaningful relationships in a casual setting that promotes conversation and camaraderie.  SIG members set their own agenda on key topics and items that are important to their business.  Each session will be “guided” by a “conversation starter”, selected by the group.

Who is Invited to Join?  This will be a “members only” group and will be considered a value-added component of the membership investment in the Chamber.  Annual sponsors may be obtained to cover the overhead costs for administering these groups.

What is the Intended Outcome for the SIGs?  This will be a value-added benefit of membership for industry specific groups to meet in a casual setting.  It is not intended to be a “program producer” however; the groups could be good “feeders” for speaker programs and advocacy efforts of the Chamber.

Current Active SIGs

Building Industry SIG – Meets every other month at 7:30 a.m.  Inquire about schedule and qualifications for joining the group by contacting Vice President Marianne Martelli e-mail or call 610-725-9100.  We are looking to form additional SIGs of interest to the membership.  If you would like us to consider an industry or job position SIG, contact the Chamber.