“As a new business owner, joining the Chester County Chamber of Commerce has proved invaluable. I have seen growth in my business in just a very short time. Contacts within the Chamber have provided new leads, and when customers learn that I am part of the Chamber community they know that my business is trustworthy. In addition, the Chamber provides an excellent means of networking with other business owners as well as a leadership group off of which to bounce ideas and discuss business issues. Even more important, creating greater ties with Chester County itself offers a greater opportunity to give back to the community from which my business draws so much support.”

           ~ Stephen Masha, Owner of ZippyShell

“We recently joined the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry.  Our experience with the Chamber has been nothing but positive.  The organization’s staff are not only professional but extremely personable.  They go above and beyond to make your experience a positive one. They take the time to introduce you to fellow business associates and provide any guidance you may need.  The events have proved to be not only educational but also beneficial.  We have met so many people in various industries in such a short time frame.  These relationships have proved mutually beneficial to both our company and the other companies involved. The Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry has proved to be a valuable investment.”

        ~ Marie Berry, McCausland Incorporated

“As someone who has been involved in several chambers over the past 30 years, I am most passionate about my involvement with the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry over the past 4 years!  With a goal like most people I find that join the Chamber, it has been an outstanding way for me to build relationships with key people in the Chester County business community and to gain brand exposure for my business.  Between the happy hours, and coffee morning meetups, and their signature events, belonging has given me the opportunities to stay active in the community, critical to success in any business. I have also  found that there are plenty of committees to join and volunteer opportunities to enhance  your growth opportunities even more. It truly is one of those organizations that the more involved you are with your time in helping others, the more it gives back to you.

As an Ambassador for the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry, ask me how belonging can make a difference for you and help your business flourish.”

       ~  Andrew J. Braun, CLU®, ChFC®, Northwestern Mutual 

“I have been a member of the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry since 2010. One thing that I’ve found is that all chamber members really do want to do business with each other. Back in 2014 a chamber member listed their property with me. This chamber member is a non-profit organization and because we know each other from the chamber, we knew the business needs of each other. We were fortunate enough to get $150,000 over the asking price but in addition to do the higher offer, the buyer gave an additional $30,000 as a donation. Why that happened was because I understood the challenges non-profit companies have raising money. The story goes on from there, the moving company was also a chamber member. Here a nearly $1 million transaction occurred all because we were members. Nothing is quick or easy but it is worth it!”

     ~  Jim Selken, Keller Williams Brandywine Valley

“I’ve come to experience the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry as an endless network of impactful connections in the greater Philadelphia community. The chamber is an invaluable resource for those at any stage of their career.

Personally, I joined shortly after forging a new career path in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. On my very first day as a member, at the “New Member Orientation” event, I gained my first client. They happened to be a recently formed company looking for the proper space to grow and operate their business. We worked together diligently to find them their perfect location and have remained in close contact due to the variety of events the chamber provides its members. The chamber immediately propelled both of our careers’ forward while giving us a platform to educate the local community on the services we provide.

For such an influential area, it is important for Chester County to have a well-organized chamber as the glue to our diverse portfolio of local businesses. Thanks to the staff and their tireless efforts to continue moving forward, we are fortunate to have such an opportunity that truly makes a difference in our professional endeavors.”

     ~  Matt Bray, Swope Lees Commercial Real Estate