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Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry is a member-driven chamber of influence, providing effective connections that enhance advocacy, business development and community investment in the Chester County area and the surrounding region.

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Become part of a community that can help promote your business! Your business can grow with networking, member meetings and events provided within the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry. Get involved today!

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Chester County is a beautiful place to live, relax and have fun! Enjoy the scenic views and local attractions our county has to offer. Choose from local gardens, museums, parks, wineries, and more!

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April 2014
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Chester County Chamber Foundation Great Gatsby Gala – 4/26

Agricultural Community Roundtable Luncheon – 4/29

Legislative Update with Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley – 5/1

Enroll CCCBI: Addressing Waste, Managing Change, A Three-Part Series – 5/6

Business After Hours - Jaguar Land Rover, West Chester – 5/7


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